Which video program should I learn?

I know, I know - loaded question… So here is what I’m trying to do…

My band is putting a social distancing video together (basically we used one of our backing tracks and we each did a video of us doing one of our songs), so what I’d like to have is our logo background, and 5 “holes, squares, whatever the term is” that have our five videos in them, and at different times bring up one of the videos as a “main view” then spin, or fade that back and bring another one up.

Also, at the start, we have us saying different messages, so I’d want the other videos paused while video a runs, the push that back and pause, and bring up video b, etc… then time them all together during the music track…

Which program would be best for that… I’d have one background image, 5 video inputs (with some audio at the beginnings), and 1 primary audio track for the song…

Your advice (and possible tutorials on usage) would be outstanding!

My list in order of what I consider most difficult but most capable down to least capable but simplest. In other words, if you want something easier to learn and are willing to give up the dream of a ton of crazy effects move towards the bottom. If you don’t mind investing time for more capabilities, look to the top:

  1. Davinci Resolve (not open source, but free version availablle): DaVinci Resolve 18 | Blackmagic Design
  2. Cinelerra (complicated, capable) https://cinelerra.org/
  3. KDEnlinve (probably the most popular on Linux) Kdenlive - Video Editing Freedom
  4. OpenShot (much easier to learn, still pretty capable) https://www.openshot.org/
  5. ShotCut (pretty close in capability and difficulty to OpenShot) https://www.shotcut.org/

(disclaimer - these are just the ones I have used. I know there are others that are unfamiliar to me. I am not trying to short them… they could be great. I just haven’t used them and don’t know. )

I believe there is a Linux version of Lightworks? Commercial of course, not free.

I know that Blender also has a video editing mode but have never used it. Video Editing — blender.org

Good luck!

@ChristopherM you are not really talking about video editing but rather motion graphics production which there are fewer options for that.

Natron is a node-based motion graphics app = https://natrongithub.github.io/

I cant get DaVinci Resolve to load so I don’t know how good it is even though it does claims some motion graphics.

Cinelerra-GG does apparently has some sort of motion graphics but not sure. I do hate the fact that there are at least 3 different Cinelerra projects and that is such a nonsense thing to do. The current recommended by people is apparently the GG version at https://www.cinelerra-gg.org/

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Here is a article ( 18 Best Free & Paid Video Editing Software for PC and Mac | XPPen ) of 18 free and Paid video editors for Linux , Windows , Mac OS.

From what you’ve described, Kdenlive, openShot ,and ShotCut may be right for you.

I use shotcut (from a snap), and it’s solid.