When should i buy Ryzen CPU!

I was looking at building a Ryzen build. I know Ryzen 2700x was on sale for $160 on amazon during the holidays. I’m currently looking at the 2700x. Unfortunately They just couldn’t wait to rise those price up again and at the time i didn’t have enough money so I’m asking when should i buy. I also like the RGB heatsink it comes with because you can use Razer software for the rgb.

They just announced the 4000 series ryzen CPUs this week. Older Ryzen should start to come down again once those start to fill the shelves. You might find some nice deals on the 3000 series too. Heck, even first Gen threadripper might come way down, I’m hoping the motherboards do too since now they are a dead end platform.

Edit: AMD just revealed their Mobile 4000 series processors. Their desktop processors probably won’t get any mention until May or so. That’s when you might see the 2700X dip again. Sorry to get your hopes up.

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Not sure if you have a Microcenter nearby.


I don’t have a Microcenter near me. Unfortunately


I’m replacing this computer i been using. I think the motherbroad is faulty or something else wrong with it. It’s a 2nd Gen mobo with i7 2600k. These motherbroads our outdated only found on ebay and for price is better to build new pc. CPU however is still good.

I’m mostly going to be using for gaming, linux,and have NVMe windows also games i cannot run in Linux.I will mostly try and stay on Linux. I haven’t been on Windows for years now since Windows 8 came out at that time is when i switched over to Linux.

Thanks for all your guys help

Not sure if you will receive this in time but the Ryzen 7 2700x is currently $164.49 on amazon if that is what you are still wanting.

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I bought it, Thanks

Well I hope you enjoy it as much I have enjoyed mine AMD all the way haven’t looked back since

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