What's happening with Jupiter Broadcasting?

Joe will come out stronger out of this through our support.

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I can only say it is very sad. It is like everything is turning into something else, to not use any swear word here, especially in the times we are in right now.

I have no idea what really happened but I see what happens when you lose control of your own business and another company decides. Of course you probably should have never used that word but humans make mistakes and sometimes we pay a higher price then we think we would.

I will support Joe’s other podcasts and hope JB can recover from his loss, too.

I follow them all more or less and enjoy the content and one of the reasons I am part of this community is not only through DLN but also because of JB.

Life is short. We should enjoy it more!

I personally think firing was extreme as well, but just curious: has anyone who has posted in this topic been female? I am not, but perhaps we should keep that in mind.

To be fair. This was not JB’s decision, but it’s parent company, A Cloud Guru, that fired Joe.~ @JasonEvangelho said it first.
I can’t wait for the rant on the next Late Night Linux. :wink:


I predicted this long ago! I am a little surprised it took this long actually!
Not for the swearing per se -some expressive language can be useful, although he used it way too liberally - but more for the toxic attitude & personality behind the words.
The cutting visceral he could exude was a pleasant as washing yourself down with a cheese grater rather than a block of soap.

I found Joe to be really positive most of the time, and is pretty much a model spokesman for the Open Source community (witness his “Choose Linux” show, which was clearly about outreach to new users), despite a couple of small personality flaws (which most people could be found to have, if you look closely). There are far, far more crusty characters out there than Joe.

His humor could be dry and witty, just as any British humor can be, but I would say it was far from toxic. He’s provided huge amounts of detailed analysis, and any dispraise (towards particular Open Source projects) he gave was virtually always well founded. Never, ever just shooting his mouth off (which I feel you’ve just done). That’s how he’s earned his reputation, through well-founded experimentation and analysis. I feel your assessment of Joe is too extreme.

Clearly, Joe made a big mistake here, but I say, so what. We all make mistakes once in a while, which blow up into something larger. I forgive him here, and trust he won’t do it again. Joe’s willingness to amend his ways counts in my books. I’m not going to dogpile onto him, or try to kick him while he’s down.


LNL just posted the episode and there was no rant. Joe was sincere in his desire to recant what he had said but is still befuddled as to why ACG HR did what it did. It is a lack of multiculturalism on ACG’s part if you ask me.

This is going to take a moral hit on the JB crew. I would suspect churn to happen soon.

I listen to Joe on another broadcast called 2.5 Admins. It’s quite good, less Linux centric and more about Unix system administration in general. The other hosts are an Ars Technica writer and an openZFS developer. Definitely recommended for those looking for more Joe.

Joe is back, even though only briefly because now he edits Linux Unplugged and Jupiter Broadcast is independent again. They learned their lesson.


Great to hear! I had stopped listening to the JB podcasts after all of this shook out so I’ll have to add them back to my rotation.

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Awesome! Glad to hear this.