What to Replace Gen1 EERO with?

Hello all you wonderful people! I hope everyone is doing well today.

2 yrs ago we invested in an Eero kit (at a steep discount) and it’s been fine-ish. But with their purchase by Amazon and their rather unproven track record with privacy (plus their CONSTANT push to get us to buy their SaaS products) it’s time for a replacement.

What would you recommend we do to get these out of of our home? Some details about our house
-Middle Town house
-Three floors (~1500 sqr ft)
-Two very large steel girders running width ways

Things I want for a mesh network
-Cloud managed (no on-site management device needed)
-No data tracking
-At least two ethernet ports on each node
-Faster than the Gen1 eeros
-Multiple SSIDs

Thanks All!

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I recently deployed a ubuiquiti mesh system. Works wonderfully, can be administered locally with their controller software, or via the cloud with a cloud key. That is a management device, to enable cloud access easier.

If you’re ok using a VM, their controller software is great, and proceeds good metrics.

You are defeating the purpose of Mesh by having that. You may as sell just set up multiple Wi-Fi routers in your house.

You can have extra Wi-FI routers on the same network by disabling the DHCP, then plugging it in to your LAN on the LAN ports (not WAN). Then any device connecting to it will get a DHCP address off the main router.

Enterprise mesh networks use multiple ssids all the time. The point of mesh is to allow access points to spread your wifi without plugging into a router physically.

For example: I have a home network and a guest network ssid. Guest is open, but highly restricted and on a separate VLAN, but uses the same access points as my main network.

It’s really quite common.

YUP! That’s what we’re doing at work. Meraki’s. I’d love to have that at home but way to expensive.

Does anyone know if amplifi can support multiple ssid’s? Or if they have ethernet ports on the bottom of the units?