What happened to Switched to Linux

Hey. I’m talking about this guy: This Is Why I Might Be Done With Raspberry Pi | Rev 1.5 Bootloader Nonsense - YouTube

In his new video he seems to be brainlessly ranting about something very trivial. His other videos have become like that too. I used to really like this channel but the guy seems to have gone crazy and seems to be living in his car. I think he is being a very bad influencer for Linux nowadays. I feel sorry for him.

There are other Linux youtubers too that are very low quality compared to dln. I’m very happy to be here on dln. This community is the best!

That has been my experience with all of his videos.

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Honestly I stopped watching him when he made some religious rant about LBRY a year or so ago. Guy just seems angry. I don’t watch Linux videos to be angry.


I honestly think he has gone crazy and it saddens me. There were some good videos still when he lived in a house and I recommend those to all Linux friends.

Saying he, “seems to be living in his car” is pretty inflammatory given we’re looking at a video of a Sprinter Van (or equivalent) converted to a mobile home and they’re usually ~5x more expensive than the ones you can’t stand up in.

If you’re curious about his channel and life direction he’ll be the best authority on that so i’d ask him directly or somewhere he’s set up for his community if you want a good answer.

I agree as far as not every Linux channel is for everybody and they often have trajectories that go up and down over time. I don’t watch his content though if any youtuber’s going through personal issues I wish them the absolute best getting through it.

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