What are the best Build from source Distros?

So I know we have Gentoo, and Linux from Scratch. I think the creator of Gentoo had another project (Funtoo?) that was designed to be a bit easier to understand.

Are there any other build from Source distros that are worthy of being listed in a Best of, Build from Source?

CRUX is neato and has been around. I know there’s a user on the DLN Discord who respects what they do and the quality of which it is done.

I really wish one of these source based distributions just straight up used BSD ports instead of reinventing the wheel.

Funtoo improves on the Gentoo experience with their Funtoo Profiles using subarches. From what I’ve seen the ebuilds lag behind the Gentoo ones but I’m not a day-to-day user so there might be some secret sauce I’m missing.

One of these days I want to try LFS.

Venom Linux is pretty neat. It installs like any other easy to use distro but everything on top of that is built from the source repo. BSD style init is interesting too.

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