What applications do you want to see as a universal package?

Since more and more applications are now available across Flatpaks, Snaps, and App Images, I have found that on my current system pretty much every GUI app that I use on a daily basis is now a flatpak.
I prefer it this way, which is why when I tried to install DaVinci Resolve the other day I really wished for example that Canonical could get Blackmagicdesign to release on the snap store, it would make it a lot easier to install, more accessible across distributions, and more privacy respecting if it is sandboxed. This made me curious as to what other applications are we missing from universal packaging formats?

I would like to see Mattermost Team Server (not to be confused with Mattermost Enterprise Server) to be available as a snap.

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I’d also like to see EDEX-UI as a snap:

I’d like to see Tuxedos drivers / software as a flatpak and snap. They claim to be Linux compatible but only for their own LTS OS or for those familiar with fetching and compiling code from git.

I want to see the kitty terminal emulator as a Flatpak.