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Just a suggestion, and this may have been suggested or considered before. But I find Wendy’s camera info worthy of it’s own 15-20 minute weekly or bi-weekly podcast. My wife has really gotten into photography the past couple of years and I have been routinely sharing the time-stamped episode of her part with my wife. I have my wife on a Linux laptop and she uses Darktable a little bit, but overall she’s not into Linux podcasts in general. But she (and I) would love a podcast dedicated to the camera corner.



I LOVE that you are enjoying the Camera Corner section on Hardware Addicts. Having a separate camera corner is on my wish list. Not that the network isn’t willing (they would love me adding the show) it has been time. I need to just kick it off, and stop worrying about it being “perfect”. What topics are you both interested in me covering?


That would be fantastic.
Last autumn I also took my camera out again. It is really a great hobby but I am still very new to RAW processing or Darktable.


Congratulations on getting your camera back out! So would you like some Camera Corner stuff specific to editing?

Hi Wendy, thanks for the response. Since she’s still a novice I think anything would be great. She has talked about wanting to learn more about editing, low light settings, working with RAW images in Darktable, etc. She takes mostly pictures of birds, but has captured other wildlife, and likes taking moon and sunrise/sunset shots. I shared your camera lens comments from DLN Extend and it really got her attention because she’s saving up for a lens similar to the one you described. Don’t know what kind it was but think you mentioned it was a 500mm lens?

She has also struggled with how to organize pictures. She’s got several hundred GB of photos, named only with the name automatically assigned.

Some specific topics you’ve covered that she commented on was an episode where you took a picture of water going over rocks. You commented on your “issue” of needing to be perfect in that episode. Something along the lines of the picture either being too smooth, or not smooth enough. You mentioned that the average person wouldn’t notice but you did and it bothered you. My wife was very interested in that because it was a perspective she’d never considered.

A few other times you talked about megapixels, DPI and a few other things and how a larger MP number doesn’t necessarily translate into a better quality image.

I guess in short, I don’t know what specifically to ask for, but just that everything you’ve shared has been awesome. My wife doesn’t like listening to podcasts, but if I forget to send her the clip of your Wendy’s Camera Corner she’ll always ask if the feature didn’t air that week.

Pretty impressive!

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That would be one important example where I need to learn. I almost never post process the photos because I have no idea what to look for but I know I should.

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Thanks @TheWendyPower for starting a Camera Corner podcast! My wife is thrilled too. And thanks for the shout ou. :beers:

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I’ll let you know as soon as the first episode is out!

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Very cool!!! I am excited.
You know what, my wife also will be thrilled as she is actually the one doing the photography better than myself and touching photos and heavily using Darktable.

Sounds great. I’d be happy to listen to a photo podcast that has a libre angle on things.

Would be good to have at least some content other than just gear and software, but I’ll listen to it whatever the content is.