Want to earn a game by doing a little writing?

I am looking for contributors to an open resource project. I’ve posted about it in several different places before so here is the TLDR

I want a concise place/guide that people can reference instead of crawling through forums and seeing the classic “fixed it NVM” with no solution. I also want to make content, this is a win-win.
I have a limited amount of time to put into this but see it as valuable. I agree with Noah when he said a few weeks ago that people should be rewarded for their work (talking about paying for open source stuff). I can’t give ya’ll money but I got a ton of STEAM keys collecting dust. So, if you have more time then me and want to get involved, HERE IS THE LIST.

I wish I had time to game, but I don’t. I am still subscribed to Humble Bundle on their “classic” plan so as the months go by, more games will be added. I don’t know if they’ll work on linux or not (partly why I haven’t used the keys in some cases) but I hear proton is crazy cool so maybe that’ll work for ya. Happy New Year!