Wallabag behind a reverse proxy

I am trying to get wallabag to run on my raspberry pi 4. I’ve gotten it to work on a local host but I want it to be available outside of my lan using my nginx reverse proxy. I am running LSIO containers with their SWAG setup for the reverse proxy. I think the problem I am having is with the docker-compose variables for wallabag it’s self. When I ran it locally, I had to have the full URL and port in the SYMFONY__ENV__DOMAIN_NAME= area. I have my information on github to be viewed rather than a paste bin. Any ideas on how to remedy this would be great.

There’s a typo In your NGINX config assuming you’re aiming for

resolver valid=30s;

Hey @Ulfnic thanks for the reply. LSIO uses that scheme. All there templates can be referenced here. I was really hoping it was a typo!! I think the main issue lies with the wallabag setup and the domain url. I’ve tried so many variations and nothing seems to stick unless I just use the local ip and port but then the reverse proxy doesn’t work to reach it. Hoping someone else runs this service in a similar fashion and can provide some insight. Not sure if more does need to be done on the nginx side. I’ve been looking at their github for the setup as well and trying to compare it to LSIO