VPS to host Ubuntu and LibreOffice. newbie

I want to use LibreOffice Writer ver 7.1.3 (latest version) online. I’m not much of a techie. I did a little research and looks like using a Kimsufi VPS is the cheapest way to go (about $3.50/mo). I want to use my VPS for running Ubuntu and LibreOffice Writer and nothing else. I’m sure some of you know a lot more about tech and can suggest a better solution that’s also cheap. Remember I’m a newbie so I’ll have a steep learning curve as I learn how to set up Ubuntu on a VPS. I’ve never done anything like this before. I did some searching but did not find a video on how to set up a VPS on Kimsufi. Thx.**

It’s not quite as cheap as Kimsufi but did you look at Shells.com?

That would be the easiest way to setup what you want. There was an interview with the Shells creators back on DL227.


It’s a good suggestion, but the shells.com basic account is limited to 10hrs/mo which won’t work for me. I did hear the interview. You’re right, it looks to be an easier setup on shells. But I did a little research and looks like setting up a simple Ubuntu server VPS with Libreoffice is not too hard. I’ll find out soon. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

This shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you’re familiar with CLI. Connect with ssh -X to the vps and it will act as the X server, run libreoffice through this SSH session and the vps will serve the GUI to your desktop.


@Ethanol I looked over the OVH online docs and the process doesn’t look too bad. I’ve never messed with CLIs so I’ll have a learning curve. I’m hoping the docs don’t assume a lot of prior knowledge about CLIs, etc.

My brother says that when he gets time he may set up a little host for me on his own server so I can access LibreOffice Writer (latest version) online.

I know this is a couple weeks old, but have you considered digital ocean? There is usually a substantial credit via DLN which I think you can access by going to do.co/dln . That will give you everything you need to get started for free and see if it’s something you really want to do. Plus, the digital ocean support is pretty phenomenal.

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@PBizzle I may have to go with Dig Ocean. OVH has not fully activated my account and they’re not responding to my support ticket.

OVH is great for cheap storage but i’ve never heard them recommended much for anything else.

Digital Ocean is great if you just want it to work and it’s one of the least expensive options. I’d be interested in how the build goes and you’ll probably get some great recommendations/advice/motivation if you do a build thread here plus you’ll gain the benefit of documenting everything.

x2go will probably be the best option for viewing your remote session. TigerVNC is also pretty excellent but it needs to be used over an SSH tunnel because it’s not natively encrypted.

Did you try calling with a Canadian accent?

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