Video Editing Fedora 31

I’m just getting started on video editing, I’m running Fedora 31 on my Desktop HP elite 8300 I5 3750, and on my laptop HP Elitebook with I5, I found and loaded KDenlive on desktop, But can’t find it for my laptop that I just loaded Fedora 31 on. Need to know what video editors are good, better and best for Linux? and were to get?

Lightworks has an RPM for Red Hat-based distros. I haven’t used it myself, so I don’t know if it would work for you, or what features you would be missing by going with the free version; I just know that @dasgeek and @JasonEvangelho use it. It is also proprietary software, FYI.

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I’ll look at it, Thanks

The best way to download kdenlive is as an appimage from their official releases page:

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Essentially you get full functionality but are limited to 720p rendering and exporting.

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Im gonna be the odd out out and say that Blender is a good video editor.

Do keep in mind the the Fedora version of Blender does not have FFMPEG compiled into it. and you wont be able to use the runtime version from RPM Fusion, So you will need to use a version directly off of or compile one from source.

I wont go into details why, but just something to note specifically on Fedora.

This is strange. There are not different repos for a desktop and a laptop when you are running Fedora. So if you found KDenlive on your desktop, but not your laptop, it must be because you have enabled additional repos on your desktop somewhere along the line that you have not enabled on your laptop yet. Or if you are seeing it in Gnome Store perhaps you enabled the Flatpak support. Personally on Fedora I use OpenShot, but my video editing needs are rather minimal.