Unix and Linux Humble Book Bundle

Not sure if this has been mentioned somewhere yet. TWIL usually covers stuff like this but I’m way behind on those episodes.


Lots of good stuff there for newbs and veterans alike! 16 books for less than the cost of one hour at my local Virtual Reality arcade. What a steal.

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I didn’t know about this one yet, thanks Ethanol. For those who’d like to use an affiliate link. . . https://tuxdigital.com/go/humble-unix-linux-books :smiley:


I took a look and some of the books are very old, as in 15+ years old.

I did get a bit suspicious when the Linux Driver book did not even mention PCIe. Then looking further, I see titles are so old, they released them into Creative Commons.

Yikes! That’s pretty old! I wonder if it’s still relevent at all.

I didn’t check all of the books, only a couple of them, but you know the old saying “if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.