UEFI Not Seeing OS Drive

My desktop has an Asus Corsair vi Hero Motherboard and Amd Ryzen 7 2700X cpu. It has copy Icey Doc drive bays. One of the bays is kept for the OS drive on an SSD. Instead of having a dual/multi boot system which would waste drive bays the PC is just shutdown and the OS drives swapped out then booted into another OS. However with my Pop!_OS drive the UEFI doesn’t see the drive until I go into UEFI and select that drive to boot from. It won’t boot into it automatically despite being the only bootable drive in the system.

Any suggestions to get this fixed in UEFI would be appreciated.

  • Pop!_OS 20.04
  • 5.4.0-7625-generic

If you still have this issue…

You may need to add the distribution’s signing key to the UEFI firmware. I’ve always seen a BIOS GUI option for this across several brands so it should be there.

You’ll browse to where the key is on the drive and it’ll be called something like shim.efi, check your distribution for details on where it is but guess work tends to pay off pretty quick.

I am not sure, but could this be because Pop!_OS 20.04 uses sytemd-boot and not Grub.

Does your UEFI setup have SecureBoot enabled? I’ve had issues with Pop and SB. Had to disable it before it would boot properly.