Ubuntu 21.04 and 1st Timeshift system backup. Look correct?

I’m new to Ubuntu. I’m trying to do my first system backup using Timeshift. The screenshot with the details is here https://imgur.com/a/ZelWeZJ My Ubuntu system is about 4 days old. This first initial backup created about 215,400 directories and files.

This sound about right? Did I miss anything? If I got it right, then I’ll start doing incremental backups on top of this initial backup.

I’m backing up my user files (/home) directory separately.

Using find and wc to confirm the count:

Without a search term (ex: -iname 'myfile.txt'), find will output everything it sees to stdout (stdout stands for Standard Out, you’ll see it in terminal).


sudo find '/bin/' '/lib/' '/lib32/' '/libx32/' '/sbin/' '/boot/'

If you counted every line of that output, you’d know how many files/directories are in those folders.

To count things automatically you’d use wc and the -l flag counts by line.

To send stdout into wc -l you’d use a pipe: |


sudo find '/bin/' '/lib/' '/lib32/' '/libx32/' '/sbin/' '/boot/' | wc -l

^ Add 6 to the count if you want to include the searched directories.

If you only want to count files, just add -type f to find, example:

sudo find '/bin/' '/lib/' '/lib32/' '/libx32/' '/sbin/' '/boot/' -type f | wc -l

Using a GUI file manager

File managers run under your user account so they only have permission to see things your user can see for security. Ex: you can’t see what’s in /boot/grub2/

This is not recommended but a GUI way to confirm the count would be using your file manager with root privileges. For gnome’s file manager, in terminal use:

sudo nautilus
  • Click the hamburger menu and confirm “Show Hidden Files” is checked.
    (nautilus doesn’t count hidden files unless you’ve opted to see them)
  • Navigate to /, AKA the File System directory.
  • Hold down Ctrl and click on every directory you’d like to count.
    (Ignore the tooltip on the bottom right as it’s a count of 1 level deep only)
  • Right-click on one of the highlighted directories.
  • Click Properties.
  • “Contents” will show the count of every file and directory inside the selected folders.

I installed Timeshift last year on my daily driver in Ubuntumate 20.04LTS as well as the regular file backup. (Dejadup?) I’ve never tried the Restore function. Frankly, I’m hesitant to try it. I’ve broken my distro more times than I can count (mostly my fault) If you try a restore let us know how it worked. I’m using Timeshift v20.03

You could clone your drive to another hard drive using dd and try the restore on the clone.

As the old saying goes… “backups are worthless, restores are priceless”. Always worth checking they actually work.

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I got everything set up and tonight I plan to run my first Clonezilla clone. disk to disk. Cloning my internal Ubuntu drive to an external drive (drives identical). Fingers crossed! :slight_smile: If all goes well, I should be able to boot up the external drive.