Trying to stream my Commodore64 - need camera help

Hello All,
Using what I have on hand, I am trying to build a streaming setup to play my C64 in all it’s original glory.
I am using an older Alienware latop (i7-4700MQ, 16GB RAM, 2TB Samsung 860 SSD) with a Guitar Hero (Logitech) USB microphone, and a Logitech StreamCam as the camera.

I have installed Ubuntu-Mate 20.04 with OBS.
What I am having is a problem with the camera settings, as my video comes out faded and off-coloured. I am obviously not understanding how Saturation, White Balance Temperature, Gain and Exposure affect the end product.

And I can’t seen to get a good frame rate from the camera either.
I do have a Logitech C930 if anyone thinks that would work better for me.

Any help (or links to how these work) would be appreciated.


Would it not be better to capture the S-Video output from the C64 directly, instead of trying to film a CRT monitor?

You would think that. I have already had multiple failures, setbacks, frustrations and annoyances when trying to pull in the s-video output.
I was hoping this would be easier.


My daughter is a streamer, and most streamers use capture cards to stream their video when playing games, this way the input goes directly into the video capture card. She uses OBS as most game streamers do.

This may be “easier” but it will end up producing a lower quality video. As others have suggested the “right” way to do it is capture the output directly from the hardware. This is hard, and can be frustrating to setup, but once done it works and gives better results.