To help with cabin fever

The Wire was SO good! I’ve watched it at least three times.

Veep and Silicon Valley are great comedies, but I can not recommend “The Wire” enough!

EDIT: Didn’t see Barry on the list, another great comedy but watch The Wire first.
Did I mention I liked The Wire?


I’ve been meditating, myself. I speak in praise of meditation.

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Problem with Silicon Valley is they take forever to provide a new season and only a few episodes per season for such a low budget show. It has become the new Curb Your Enthusiasm for HBO. Once, it took 10 years to come out with a new season of CYE. Looks like an additional 2-3 years for SV new season.

A lot of books and of course listening to a ton of music.
Here we are still allowed to take some fresh air so I use it for running.