TKL/60% wireless mechanical bluetooth keyboard

Anyone here use a 60% or TKL wireless mechanical keyboard? Any recommendation?

I was browsing on Amazon, and I found very few that fit my needs (60% + wireless + affordable), from this Dierya keyboard, to the Redragon K530.

If they had receivers, I’d be down to get the keyboard immediately, but since they’re bluetooth, I guess I’m a little more cautious.

One of the cost-cutting measures with these cheaper mechanicals is that they often use lower-quality key switches that cannot be swapped out easily (or at all) if they fail. I see someone complaining about that on the Dierya page. I’d avoid that one.

I haven’t used Redragon. My last purchase for an affordable mechanical was a Corsair K63 TKL. My main daily driver is a Das Keyboard Prime 13, but it was expensive.

I’m planning on getting a full-size Das keyboard when I build my next PC

@ Work I am using a Akko 3084 and @ Home a Leopold FC750PD (different colors).

Both are using Cherry MX Brown and I am very happy with both.

I do like the Leopold a little better because the keycaps are better and the special and arrow keys are seperated to the right.

P.S.: I also have a Anne Pro 2 @ home but it was too small. I needed arrow keys :slight_smile: