This Week in Linux 98: Relieving Quarantine Boredom, OBS, Linux Mint, KaiOS, & Purism's Librem Mini

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On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’re going to cover a lot of great news like the latest release of OBS Studio, Mozilla is teaming up with KaiOS, System76 announced they’re going to be making a Keyboard and Linux Mint’s LMDE 4 was Released this week. We’re also going to check out some…


Thanks for this, @MichaelTunnell :slight_smile: Most exciting news of the week for me has to be KaiOS / Mozilla partnership. Like you I was pretty disappointed when Mozilla discontinued FirefoxOS. I had heard of KaiOS but wasn’t aware, strangely, that it was a continuation of FirefoxOS. I’d love to see this on PinePhone, actually. I think Mozilla are doing some sterling work and should be supported however possible. I used to use their VM build environment to track changes to the browser but I think that stopped being supported some time back.

I had a period of not using Linux for some years and when I returned to it Mint was the first distro I tried, then I quickly switched to their Debian edition (which in-between was discontinued, perhaps, then reborn?) but found vanilla Debian suited me even more and have never looked back since.

I’m really not a fan of JavaScript though I know a lot of developers do use it. I prefer the safety of Java myself, though over the years some of how it does things has been becoming pretty convoluted (I’m thinking use of interfaces for lamdas as an example).

I do eventually plan to start contributing directly to some projects, so the how you can help sites seem a useful starting point!