This Week in Linux 94: Mesa 20, PipeWire, Linux Be Scary, MyPaint, GTK, Microsoft Defender

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Thanks, Michael - a lot here in this episode and I really enjoyed it :slight_smile: I think the little intro from a creator of associated DLN show is a great idea - I love @dasgeek 's “Fill your brains” line!

Sounds like some sterling under-the-hood work is ongoing with Mesa and Pipeline. I have to say I’ve never quite got my head around Alsa / PulseAudio and never really had to setup Jack, which apparently is quite complex, so if it’s all going to be simplified in the future that’s good news. Also as far as GUI toolkits go, I’ve never really taken a liking to any of them, not Gtk, not Qt, nor the Microsoft helpings… I know Oracle aren’t the most open-source friendly organsation, but I settled on Java as a solution for portable GUIs before Oracle took over from Sun. To that end, I have to say Maui sounds a lot more interesting because it can also target mobile. I’d really like to see an effective platform for this as again, I’ve yet to find a portable GUI toolkit that I like for mobile development too. The Linux Be Scary sections were funny! No thanks to Microsoft Defender, especially after news of what Avast was caught doing recently :frowning:

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Hey Michael, I just wanted to comment regarding Microsoft Defender ATP, specifically your skepticism of businesses actually asking for it - I assure you they do exist. As was commented on one of the other DLN shows recently, this may actually prove to be a positive move for some of us who want to run Linux on our workstations but can’t due to corporate compliance policies regarding “approved” antivirus software. It likely won’t affect regular everyday users - but that’s very much not who Microsoft is targeting here. With an officially blessed AV solution this clears one more hurdle for Linux workstations in the enterprise.

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thank you very much! :smiley: I am glad you liked the new intro thing, It’s been pretty cool to include for sure. :smiley:

I dont know who simple it will be but hopefully they do make it better and more simple. systemd kind of did that so maybe possible.

I prefer Qt because it is cross-platform and so flexible.

Qt is actually supported on Mobile already. Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile, even Android and many more use Qt in some ways. Ubuntu Touch and Plasma Mobile are 100% Qt based. Qt is great. :smiley:

:smiley: thank you!

The defender issue is very interesting because a lot of people commented about that basically showing me that I am wrong on it not being requested. Not that they want it but that they have to have it because of company policy and whatnot. In regards to quality, I suspect its basically garbage because thats the default for Microsoft and good software from them is a rarity.

Thank you for the feedback, it is very interesting to learn about stuff like this since I am not in that world.

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I did mess around with Qt-Creator at one time, specifically knowing it can target Android but the puritan in me gets a bit squeamish about how Qt fits-in with Standard C++. Also knowing that targeting a given app for iOS (not that I have any love for Apple) would require me to rework it anyway left me wondering at the time if I might not be better-off just learning the native GUIs for both Android and iOS. That was some years back. Plan to start looking at that again a few months hence. If I try Qt I know you’re an expert I can ask for advice then :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t go that far lol :smiley:

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I find your casts among the best, yet I would like to see finer granularity…dividing the sections into individual sections assembled into a playlist.
That would, I believe, allow easier access to comments about the specific thread and site wide searching and assembling of user playlists along similar topics.
Thank you for your efforts…keeping track of soo many packages is truly Herculean…you greatly ease the efforts to do so.

Man I hate this so much! I know people who use virtual machines for work, gaming, distro hopping, etc.! They are acting like idiots, tor is for intelligent people who feel that they want protection on the internet, discord is for gamers! Those hacking tools could teach kids rare and valuable skills that could give them a job someday! This is a obviouse showing of ingorance and acting as if they know something that they CLEARLY have no idea about. I have no idea whether to be offended or be crying with laughter. Lol! Next they will be saying no phones, internet, headphones, etc. I’m honestly surprised that they didn’t say vpn.