This Week in Linux 118: Lenovo's New Ubuntu Laptops, GNOME 40, Puppy Linux 9.5, Firefox 81, UBports


Thanks @MichaelTunnell - great show, especially given you had to keep things on the road while feeling poorly. Hope you’re getting some rest and recovery too!

I think Lenovo support for Ubuntu is just wonderful. Given how widespread Ubuntu is, support for that in addition to Fedora is really covering bases that can give a wide range of enthusiasts confidence that the Lenovo hardware will be compatible with their particular distro, even if it’s not Ubuntu or Fedora, in my opinion.

As I keep saying, I’m interested in potential development work with UBPorts, so this new release is excellent news. When I get around to it UBPorts development may turn out to be my primary use for the Pi; I’ve never bought one yet. I’m not sure if an emulator is available, in the style that Google release for Android developers with AndroidStudio, but will look into this.

Gnome is my daily driver but I pretty-much laughed all the way through your discussion of their new version numbering :slight_smile: I do find some of their changes a little random at times, though I rely on Debian to smooth these out by choosing the version to distribute in their stable releases with care.

I’ve been a user of Kindle for about ten years now, started when Amazon wasn’t quite the huge monster it’s become now. I really benefit from annotation tools and have recently been wondering if the new version of Evince has better annotation tools, and considering that for potential development contributions if not. I fully understand your excitement over Firefox improved support for pdfs. I use them all the time too! As far as annotations and ebooks go, I did try Calibre many years ago but found it a bit clunky then; maybe it’s improved so I’ll give it another look. Likewise, will be installing Flameshot though it’s support for Wayland seems to be experimental currently.


Thanks for mentioning the new release of Puppy Linux. You’ve convinced me to try it again. It’s quite different from most of the common distributions, but I like it.

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