There ought to be a Raspberry Pi which informs people that they're irresponsible if they don't wash their hands after using the toilet

Come on gang, we can work together and defeat Covid-19!

Surely a motion sensor, and monitoring if a soap bottle gets pumped or not, and if someone opened the bathroom door to leave, can all be used together to reliably determine if someone is one of those knuckle-dragging soap denialists. If so, then a little speaker by the door can say:

“Go back and wash your hands with soap and water, you knuckle-dragging virus and bacteria denialist”.

If anyone feels like nominating me for a Nobel Prize for this great idea, which might actually save a bunch of lives, no thanks. I hereby release this idea as public domain, let it not be patented. :wink:


They give out nobel prizes for filming folks in the bathroom?! :grin:

I’d have to admit I get a bit nervous when someone recommends a social problem be solved with surveillance.

Can they at least look like this?

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What a synchronicity!

I very recently recieved an SMS from my Cellar provider, saying:

… Health Advice.Wash hands regularly/cover mouth & nose whn coughing & sneezing. If feeling unwell,use face mask whn in public & seek medical advice

Was I personally offended by this message? No. I was in fact glad that this reminder would have went out to all customers.

This is a little bit like what I was envisioning:

Here’s a motion-sensing one:

Here’s a clap-activated one:

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2020 is the year to start using a bidet if you already haven’t. They cut down on the need for TP in the era of shortages.