The gratitude thread: what are you most grateful for in the World of Open Source

I’ll start:

  • my desktop experience is utterly sane, reasonable and performant.
  • I pay absolutely no software licensing, and I pirate no software.
  • I run my web server (blog), as well as Nextcloud, an email server, VPN server, and DNS servers, all with open source. I get to be a real Netizen with Open Source, with much more independance.
  • I’m grateful how strongly principled and stubborn Debian is. They are the bedrock upon which so many other distros are built on top of.

Thank you, all developers of projects like: jekyll, ruby, python, nginx, debian, mx linux, ubuntu, pop_os, nextcloud, ssh, ssl, bash, tmux, xfce, gnome, wireguard, ispconfig, calibre, geany, firefox, falkon, keepassxc, etc…


I am grateful for all of it. I know that’s a generic statement but it’s true. I have my choice of distros, desktops and software that are made possible by people giving freely of their time and expertise.

There’s no way I can fully articulate just how amazing that is and what an impact it has had on me personally and professionally. I have benefited greatly from server-side technologies like Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP and many others. On the desktop side, all the work that goes into distros and desktop environments has given me access to the best experience possible, giving me the ability to do what suits me best.

The other thing that comes to mind is the community and what an amazing group of people I feel lucky enough to have met, learned from and made friends with.


I’m grateful that in 2003 I was able to fully escape the confines of Windows, on my personal machine, if not the ones at work.

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When I was a poor student I was able to use software without paying for it and accomplish all my tasks. I am grateful for projects like Gimp, LibreOffice and Debian specifically.

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