Termux for Android, what do you think? Anyone tried it? What do you use it for?

I wanted a simple way to download podcasts (not stream them) on my Android phone, so I gave Termux a whirl. It has a bash shell, and let’s me “wget” files, into my Downloads folder. No root required. It was in the F-droid store.

Anyone else out there have anything insightful to share about Termux?


I am a Termux user and use it to test and play with Manjaro and Arch ARM. You can search for app AndroNix or AnLinux and you can see the process. Happy New Year!!! :penguin:

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@Cyfraka That’s one heck of a device. Your uptime is over 50 years!

Yes, few things are not working properly. Uptime info is wrong, htop not showing CPU info and only XFCE can work as Desktop Manager with the help of VNC. Most of it is an Android containerization way of working apps. But in general is a good wat to learn how to use Linux!

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