T e a m G r e e n....er, I mean Team Red!

Just ordered my first AMD-based laptop.

Levono Thinkpad e595
Ryzen 7 3700u quad-core
Radeon RX Vega 10
8GB RAM, but I also ordered a 32GB kit ( 2x16 for dual-channel )
256GB NVMe

This will compliment my Asus Zenbook i5 dual-core w/8gb RAM and a 256gb ssd ultra-portable.

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Um… doesn’t this make you Team Red??? I thought team green was nVidia?!? Or am I just confused and something went over my head?

I think it’s called a clickbait joke, @ChristopherM.

Just following in the footsteps of Das Geek with his Team Green theme for AMD.

That’s what I get from reading posts before digesting my morning coffee!

You guys were right. AMD is Team Red, not Team Green.

Das Geek has it all wrong.

He talks highly of AMD, Ryzen in particular, so much that we that attend his LUG have considered renaming him from Ryan to Ryzen. His youtube channel has a green theme and I always associated it with AMD as he frequently says “Go Team Green” when discussing AMD.

Our next LUG meeting is tomorrow, I will, um, discuss this with him.