Suggest me a managed switch for home lab and IT as a hobby

Hey there DLN community!

I was trying to look for a managed L2/L3 switch with an open source firmware, like how OpenWRT and DD-WRT does it for a lot of proprietary routers…

Noah advocated for Mikrotik back then, after Ubiquity got crappy. I am looking for a managed switch for my home lab for self hosting stuff (primarily) and for learning IT (for non-professional/hobbyist use).

Are there any managed switch that doesnt phone home, or at the very least, phones home the least? Thanks you!

I like Ubiquiti, but I don’t use their Unifi line. Instead I prefer the EdgeMax line, as it does not require the Unfi network controller.

I have the EdgeMax 24-lite (non-POE 24-port L3 switch):

This switch has a webUI, a console port that you can use a roll-over cable with, and supports ssh access.

I also have the Edge Router 4, which can route at gig line speed with deep packet inspection. Together, these make for a pretty good home-lab.

These do not use an open-source IOS that I am aware of, but these are not consumer-grade devices either.

Good luck with your search.