Sudo Show 33: Cassandra Database with Patrick McFadin

On this episode, we chat with Patrick McFadin. He is a technologist, member of the CNCF, author, and Vice President of Developer Relations at Datastax. We discuss the Cassandra Database, release 4.0, Kubernetes, and technology foundations. Eric and Brandon had way to much fun with this one!

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Apache Cassandra
DataStax: What is NoSQL?
Apache Cassandra 4.0 is Here


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00:00 Intro
00:42 Welcome
01:56 Sponsor - Digital Ocean
03:00 Sponsor - Bitwarden
04:31 Meet Patrick McFadin
06:42 Who Is Patrick?
08:14 What Is Cassandra?
13:37 Cassandra 4.0!
17:52 DataStax Mission
26:38 What is the CNCF?
31:22 Data on Kubernetes
41:00 What’s Next?
47:08 Wrap Up