Sudo Hangouts: July 2021

Sudo Hangouts is a growing community of technologists that want hang out and chat. For these events, there’s no script or agenda, just come in and hang out.

Date/Time: 2021-07-30T00:00:00Z
Conference Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Recording: (TBD)

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To all of our European folks, I apologize in advance. We are going to target a Hangout in August for y’all. July just turned out to be really crazy for Brandon and I as we are both transitioning jobs at the same time!

Putting this on my calendar. Hopefully, I can make this one.

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Its time for Sudo Hangouts! Grab the conference link above!

Sorry folks! The July recording blew up, but don’t worry! Just 3 more weeks until the next hangout.