Sound Juicer

I recently discovered sound juicer, an application for ripping CDs. I had previously ripped my CDs many years ago to MP3 back in the early naughties but as we now live in the future and have much more disk space available I thought I’d do it all again but this time using lossless flac. The app is nice in that it can lookup and name all the tracks using online databases etc. This will take a while but will be worth it I’m sure. It also can rip to MP3 and something else but flac seems the best. So yeah sound juicer. Nice app.


I’ve just finished doing that exact same thing. FLAC all the way! Should be the last time I ever have to do that again.

The size difference between FLAC and MP3 certainly doesn’t seem as large as it once did.

The only comment I have about Sound Juicer is that, on one or two systems here, it had trouble seeing the CD drive. For those I fell back to old trusty… fre:ac

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I’m running an external USB Bluray drive on my laptop. This actually occupies two USB ports, one for data (USB 3.0) and one for power. I’ve not seen issues detecting the drive but some CDs seem not to be in the database. I just have to name these manually.

One more observation, some tracks or whole albums wouldn’t copy to my openmediavault nas. This was weird until it because obvious. The cause was that some tracks and folders were names using characters such as : or " which open media vault would not accept. Not and issue just edit the name and copy. But something to watch out for.