Sorry, had to chuckle at this

Sorry had to chuckle at this… apologise to all the Debian users out there, but…

Anyway, to quote DistroWatch…

“In an excellent example of the Debian project’s conservative pace and dedication to protecting user privacy, the distribution has adjusted the default settings of the Chromium web browser package. The new configuration will use the DuckDuckGo search engine, which anonymizes search queries, instead of Google. This changes was committed and announced two years after the original proposal was submitted.”


“Conservative pace” :rofl:

Debian making a small back-end change:



atomic updates! LOL wow. Does not surprise me at all. China doing what China does.

Regarding Deepin,

I can kinda understand the logic of this. Copy the entire Debian repository and store it all within China’s walled garden and you do retain some sense of control.

You can maybe, retain some sense of control, but seems to me this might conflict a bit with how open source was meant to operate.

Any code that creeps into the base that may offend your communist overlords can be quietly weeded out.

But, would be a huge job. You would need a stack load of volunteer coders on the chinese side…

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Two years I mean for Debian that is moving at the speed of light there to get that change made lol