Something I need to say

I hope no one minds a rare political post here. DLN is my community and it’s just something I wanted to share with the people I spend my time with.

Linux is blind, it caters to everyone equally and serves as an example of what humans can do working toward a common goal that benefits all people worldwide. There’s competing ideals, there’s distro fragmentation, hell maintainers can’t even agree on how to package software… but it’s easy to lose sight of how absurdly much we’ve inherited for free, how imperfect but no less heroic those contributors were who got us this far, and how utterly amazing Linux will be should it continue it’s predictably human but relentlessly upward moving tradition that’s given us everything, and can be so much more.

Stay human.


I would almost beg to say that was not a political statement. It’s almost an escape from the political game. Linux and FOSS are inherently ours if we like it or not. It is ingrained in our genetics going forward. I think it’s best to understand where it can take us, which I hope is exponentially vertical.