[Solved (kinda)] Anyone here familiar with Restic? I have an issue

I’ve posted my issue to Reddit restic and the restic forum but no solutions. I’ve got ‘Pack ID mismatch’ errors I need to fix. I found the errors using the ‘–read-data command’. Let me know if you have good familiarity with restic and I’ll post the details on my issue. Thanks.

You are asking people to ask to help you. Just ask them to help you and give them sufficient info. How does this affect you? What are you trying to do? I tried to look into this and searched the source repository for the word mismatch for possible clues. Need more info.

I got it resolved. I found out one of my Restic repos was riddled with fatal Pack ID mismatch errors. I had to format the drive and start all over. I’m now at 22 hours into a 45 hour backup job.