Snapcraft: Software for All

If you’ve ever been curious about the Snapcraft project, how it solves the packaging problem on Linux, what snaps are, how to effectively use them, or even how to create and publish your own software as a snap package, check out this short overview article I wrote on them!

You can find it here.


Didn’t know there was a GUI client available in the Snap store! I still prefer the Flatpak approach of hooking into your existing software center (and would find a CLI “package manager manager” even more appealing), but it’s nice to see such a tool exists. The whole article was very informative, thanks!

Yeah, would be nice to try to read, but…

Maybe it’s time to start some sort of open source Word Press site for your articles?

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I also many times see the same but I can read it because you can just click on the cross or ‘X’ in the top right corner.

I strongly disagree.
I’d say: Snapcraft: Software from anyone.

If anyone has time to read through long articles, I’d suggest this one too:

I loved this! Thanks so much for sharing. A lot of my love for Snaps was reaffirmed by much of what you wrote.