Show suggestion: Decentralized


I’ve been doing some research into decentralized technology’s (mainly IPFS)
and MAN are there SO MANY things out there right now and actively being developed.

I think there definitely enough content to make a weekly (or every 2 weeks) separate podcast out of it
(just a suggestion for a show/podcast that might interesting to make)


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Thats an interesting idea! So, would you start with Decentralized social media, communication, videos, etc? (Off the top of my head, I can think of Mastodon, Matrix, LBRY/Peertube, etc)

Might be a good place to start yeah!

(Mention Matrix on the first episode to make them join the DLN room !

Just thought about something but i’m not sure if it’s a bad idea because of SEO or something:

What if you worked with a special even and uneven episode number system.
So on the uneven episode numbers they introduce a couple tools
and on the even episode numbers they go into more detail?

So for example:
Ep1: Introduction to Matrix, Mastodon,…
Ep2: Deepdive on how Matrix or Mastodon (how it works and why certain design decision were made. maybe even an interview with a project leader or something :man_shrugging:)
Ep3: What is IPFS and the decentralised internet
Ep4: How IPFS works

Just an idea I had