Shortwave Radio install via Snap

So I have been burnt by Snapd.

Running Manjaro Budgie edition.
Did not have gnome installed and had no intention of installing gnome.

Had problems installing Shortwave Radio through the AUR, so I googled shortwave radio and discovered that someone was recommending using Snap to install it.

The Snap package did not make it obvious that this version of Shortwave depended on and would install the entire Gnome Desktop.

So looks like Snap is now installing Gnome on my Budgie Distro.

Are you sure it wasn’t just pulling in the GNOME snap runtime?

Yep, i think your right.
I do have Gnome on my boot menu now.

Sorry, my bad.

Can confirm the GNOME options are there to begin with on a fresh Manjaro Budgie install.

Manjaro Budgie uses the lightDM. How do I remove boot entries for Gnome without uninstalling any packages?

There is a config file somewhere for LightDM?

I think it pulls from the desktop files in /usr/share/xsessions if the files aren’t in there then they’ll not show up.

Edit: The LightDM Arch Wiki Entry seems to bear this out.

After work edit: Ok so when I got home I actually tried it out, removed the offending desktop files from /usr/share/xsessions but I also had to remove the unwanted desktop files from /usr/share/wayland-sessions as well. I have no idea if future updates will put them back because I’m not familiar with Budgie desktop and any GNOME cross-contamination.

LightDM looks like this afterwards with no extra menu. Qapla’!

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