Seems like there is no avoiding Windows 10 telemetry from within

The best you can probably do is to block windows 10 telemetry using a proper firewall/router that will filter out the telemetry sites.

Another alternative would be the PiHole or straight up running Windows 10 in a VM


You can always get a Windows 10 Enterprise key, and switch your key to that. The Enterprise version allows you to disable it.


You can run NetBSD in a VM on Windows as a virtual network interface and give NetBSD the hardware access. So Windows has to go through the VM for its network access and NetBSD filters out the telemetry before it gets near the physical network hardware.

No external hardware and you still have Windows on bare metal.


That’s a neat idea. Would that damage any kind of network connectivity such as UPnP, Bonjour, or just plain forwarding ports?