SecureCRT replacement: Ásbrú

I listened today to DL podcast and have a recommendation for Noah. PAC Manager is intended to be a replacement for SecureCRT. I have used PAC Manager for years:

The developer has since abandoned the project but some good folks have taken over and forked into Ásbrú:

I haven’t used SecureCRT, only seen screenshots and some colleagues opinions but in any case Ásbrú is a great piece of software. It’s user interface could use some work and I miss some small things like shortcuts management but all in all it does the job. You should give it a try!

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I use putty and superputty since they will not pay for SecureCRT. (GitHub - jimradford/superputty: The SuperPuTTY Window Manager for putty sessions) superputty can fill some parts of SecureCRT, use pagent for key storage.

Are those windows programs? Superputty kind of reminded me of mRemoteNG:

Which is also a nice FLOSS project (GPLv2).

I think so. Forced to use windows. :frowning: