RockPro64 OS that works with HDMI?

Device: RockPro64
Storage: 16GB eMMC module
Output: HDMI

I’ve tried installing Debian via the guide below twice, the installer boots on the RockPro64 and works all the way through, first time I did a minimum possible install, second time I tried XFCE. On both occasions the RockPro64 would no longer post anything to the HDMI display after reboot (I tried power cycling, plug unplug, ect).

I also tried booting an older version of Manjaro that I remember working with an eDP connector but not HDMI. Sadly I don’t currently have an eDP display.

Does anyone know of a modification or OS that works with the RockPro64 using HDMI? Can’t seem to find much in search.

The HDMI’s working on my RockPro64 but only during Debian’s installation. I’m not sure if a grounding problem would still apply?

I did a quick grounding test on the C13 connector that powers the monitor, it’s showing proper ground.

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Pretty sure we (at Manjaro ARM) have working HDMI.


@Strit !! <3

I was literally thinking about you when I made this thread.

I was in a complicated situation were I left my laptop at the office over the weekend and was attempting to use my Pinephone to set up the RockPro64 for a much better computing experience. I was sort of desperately hoping for an “easy” answer because the Pinephone doesn’t lend well to a lot of research in a lot of tabs.

I’ll give Manjaro a go as soon as I have some free time. Thank you!

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I might be wrong as I haven’t tested it in a while, but I think the HDMI port does not support higher than 1080p screens. Just so you know.