RISC-V build anyone?

Back in around 1994/5 when I first built my own PC it was far more of a hobbyist thing to do than it is now. Also fairly expensive and comparatively difficult. Building a PC now seems far more like it’s about routine kit, more than anything, but a RISC-V build does excite me. Have any of you done this and got Linux running on it? To my mind RISC-V is definitely the way to go for the longer-term. It’s a pricey option, so not really available to me yet, but I’d love to do this when I am able and look at helping port applications over to the platform if needed. Your thoughts appreciated!

Looks like you can get risc-v boards simlar to ESP32 dev boards these days, might be a good place to start? I have no idea whats involved, I can just recall seeing them on aliexpress.

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