Redox - OS being developed in Rust, anybody else interested in it or general Rust coding?

This post is inspired by this weeks’s episode of Destination Linux in which it was mentioned that Rust is being used as part of the Linux kernel development. I was particularly interested in this because languages / compilers and operating systems have been the two areas of computing that have always fascinated me most, starting from poring over disassembled C64 BASIC assembler and C64 “kernal”, going all the way through passion for compilers and operating systems courses as an undergraduate, including up-coming languages (such as Java in those days) and Minix / Linux OS…

I’ve been keeping an eye on Rust and Redox, from time to time, although I haven’t got heavily into either yet.

I would love to hear from anyone who’s played with Redox or develops in Rust and if so, what they’re developing with it.

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It’s the security features that piqued my interest in Rust, and the consequence that a kernel built using it could have obvious benefits, hence my pleasure at hearing it’s being used for Linux currently too!