Recommended projects to help with documentation?

I just wanted to ask, what are some good projects that I can help with regarding documentation?
Writing is my primary skill set.

I have posted to the Lutris discord to offer my help there.

I would also like to write some articles for Pop!_OS too.

Are there any other distributions/open source projects that urgently require documentation? Many thanks for any responses in advance.


You might contact Larry Bushy over at Ubuntu Mate. He is one of their main contributors to the Documentation of that project. I would expect that he would be open to answering questions and helpful for your inquiry into that realm.

You can contact Larry at


Pop_OS is extremely friendly in supporting community help with documentation. Also Fedora could use some help and they have a great article on contributing here: How to contribute to Fedora - Fedora Magazine

Also, thank you for being awesome and looking for ways to contribute.

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Thank you for the reply Mark and I will contact Larry in that case to see what I can do to help Ubuntu Mate. I’ve used daily driven Ubuntu Mate before on bare metal and it is a beautiful DE.

Great shout-out Ryan and I heard that Fedora and openSUSE were great projects to start with providing documentation.

Thank you also for all the work you contribute to the Linux community.

PS, I love drinking from my Linux '91 mug every day :wink:

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Don’t limit your inquiry just to Mate. Ask about how he got his foot in the door, what projects are lacking in docs, who does he know that can steer you in the right direction, etc

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Alexi Pistonrod mentioned doxygen in DLN chat, it can auto-genetare HTML documentation from source code:

Way above my head but it may help.

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Thanks, I’ll pick his brain about documentation for sure.

Cheers Ulfnic, I had a look at Doxygen and wow, it is quite an interesting piece of software. It is really interesting how it can essentially generate documentation from multiple sources, things like Man pages, HTML pages and other source files, pretty cool.

Maybe you can blow someone’s mind with that one day :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice shout-out for CarbonOS, it looks like a continuation of DOS? From what I found on their SourceForge page, it was discontinued 6 years ago, but now lives on as Cobalt OS on GitHub. I would link to it, but I am currently unable to do so.

Ah, I see! Thanks for the link!

I would recommend that you find an area on a favorite distro or application that could use some improvements. Recommend some changes and see if they go through. A word of caution, once you start, you are going to be doing a lot of this! :slight_smile:

Some projects, like openSUSE, MX Linux and others have a great avenue to contribute to documentation. I am sure the projects you enjoy have similar.


Thanks Nate, I definitely want to add some improvements and how did I know you were going to mention openSUSE :wink:
MX Linux is another distro I had a great time with, so would be happy to write some documentation for that one too.
While I’m here, love DLN and the banter between yourself, Wendy and Matt!

I have a pull request currently under review for a New User’s Guide I wrote for Lutris. Hopefully that goes through.

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Thank you everyone so far for all of your great feedback, I have so much to get my teeth into right now.

I do hope you find a nice cozy community that you can help get some good documentation written. It is bound to help a load of people. I can tell you from personal experience that it is quite rewarding when someone makes it a point to say “thanks for that…” I do quite a bit of documentation for the openSUSE project. I should be doing more but time… I have also done some for MX Linux over the years, but not in a while, it’s that whole pesky time thing. Every once in a GREAT while, I do get some positive feedback and I think that is pretty fantastic.

I do have a lot of fun chatting with Matt and Wendy. They make doing the show an absolute blast. I look forward to Wednesdays when we can chat again. Unfortunately, Matt is tied up with that pesky work thing due to the time of year so I am not sure if he will be joining again in December or not. Fingers crossed!

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That’s lovely to read Nate and I look forward to the first person saying thank you.

Ha ha, indeed, time is always against us. I wish I had more time too. I’m looking for ways to make my day more efficient, so I have time for other things. I think that comes from hearing Noah and Steve’s conversations about automation on Ask Noah.

“Due to the time of year”? Therefore, Matt’s job is being Santa Claus? :wink: But seriously, love you guys and can’t wait for another year of DLN.

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Thank you again for Larry Bushy’s email address, MarkofCain, I have sent him an email and will let you know his response.