Ram upgrade virtualization

Hi -

I’m studying Network and It Sec.
I got 16gb 2666 cl 19 ram installed in my pc.

We are the coming weeks going to learn virtualization. The teachers say that we need minimum 16 GB of ram.

I have got two deals to choose from:

  1. Kingston FURY Renegade - DDR4 -32GB (2x16) 2666 cl13 ( some pages says this is cl 13 and others say is cl16, what is right here? ) for 1800,- Norwegian Kroner.

  2. Transcend 64 GB (4×16) RAM DDR4 2666 Mhz cl19 for 1500,- Norwegian Kroner.

What deal is the best? Is it worth to pay more for lower latency? I also noticed that the kingston ram had cooling brackets and the green cheap ram didn`t, does this have anything to say?

I touched the heatsink of one of my Corsair RAM simms just now, feels like room temperature. It’s more of a marketing gimmick, I think they only matter if you get in the upper range of overclocking.

Speaking of which… your RAM speed is going to be downclocked to what the motherboard supports (the rating without O.C. next to it). So unless you’re planning to overclock you may be paying for something faster than what you’ll be running it at.

I also don’t think there’s much noticeable difference between CAS latencies but it’s worth a few extra bucks if the prices are close.


Thanks for the fast reply.

My mobo is Asus prime b365m-a.

It supports up to 2666 Mhz.

I’ll go for the 64 Gb.

On some videos on yt they compared cl14 vs cl19.

When playing Red Dead Redemption 2 the cl 14 had 4 more Fps than cl19.

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I run VMs since 2010, when I installed Windows XP in Virtualbox on a Pentium 4 HT. Till 2019 I used a Phenom II X4 B97 (4 x 3.2GHz) with 8GB of DDR2. To give you some idea of performance, I have an old YouTube video here: The Old Man And His Distros - YouTube
Note that the high CPU load in the video is caused largely by the Simple Screen Recorder. You can’t create a very high load with 2 hands.

Currently I use a Ryzen 3 2200G with 16GB DDR4 (3000MHz). In 16GB I can run 2 Windows VMs or 4 Linux VMs at the same time. I only see ~100% CPU loads, when I run 2 Linux or Windows updates at the same time. Your teachers are completely right with their 16GB requirement.

But you could use virtualization as a good excuse to upgrade to 32GB for gaming.

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