Question from a MacOS switcher: What's the best unified inbox email client?

After running linux server software for my docker containers for a few years now, I’ve finally switched from MacOS to Linux on all but 1 of my daily drivers
(last macOS machine runs some home automations)
So far I think it’s been a great experience, and re-learning and tweaking my workflow has been great fun.

One thing I do really miss apart from easy automation with automator/shortcuts is the native email client with its unified inbox. Does anyone know of an alternative for Linux, in my case Fedora Gnome, that does processing on device - no cloud - and shows a unified inbox?

I’ve been outside of the email client world for some time but,

Mailspring advertises a unified inbox and Evolution seems to be able to emulate one: How to create or simulate a unified inbox in Evolution 3.2? - Ask Ubuntu

I’m not sure for the rest or which ones are the best quality.

Thunderbird allows for a unified inbox.

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I did not know that! Thanks!
I will try it immediately