Question about QT Licensing


1st: I - am not a developer. But a friend of mine is beginning to develop some apps, and he is liking qt better (good choice imho).

As he is also new to things like licensing he asked me about using the qt libraries. As I have no real clue about licensing I am putting his question to you guys.

Is my friend allowed

  1. To develop an app with qt and offer the app for (free) download?
  2. To offer a download and even asking for an amount of money for the binary while giving the source code of course
  3. I heard about some changes about the very least qt version? Is it going to be less “free” in the future?

I’ ll be glad for your help

Kind regards


Qt Is available licensed under the GPL 2, GPL 3, and LGPL 3.

It’s a software project which respects user freedoms. Your friend can create whatever software they want using whatever payment scheme they want.

Regarding the third thing, someone can correct me if I’m wrong, I believe the KDE group has some kind of open source killswitch that ultimately prevents that from happening.