Question about a good QT Email App

Hi Folks :blush:… I got a question: I am using and loving the Plasma-Desktop (on Kubuntu). And I love Thunderbird, since more that 10 years or so… but I always found it very annoying that thunderbird does not really integrate very well in KDE, I mean visually.

I tried the lts-version, also the latest version tb v. 68… I know and have used the monterail themes, etc… but I just does not look great at all in kde.

So my question is: what is you opinion on this, AND: is there any other qt based email program that kmail? a qt alternative to kmail?

My opinion is: Thunderbird is really great in functions, but very poor visually :see_no_evil:

IMHO an example for a really great looking mail app is Geary. It even looks very good on kubuntu (but the functional integration is not working 100%).

Thanks already for your thoughts.

Kind regards

I am in the same boat as you. I would love a good Qt based e-mail client, but as far as I can tell, there are none.
Sadly, the closest we get is Trojitá, which is/was quite promising, but that project has not made a new release since 0.7 in 2016.
There is still active development (28 commits in 2019), but the project really needs a community, if it is ever going to be a complete e-mail client.
Like so many open source projects, the owner is not doing himself any favors, by having a website that has not received updates since 2016 and the development page is running on a server with an expired certificate :frowning:

ok, so at least I can be sure that I did not overview some solution. :upside_down_face:

Monterails looks kind of ok under KDE:

But, yes, its not really native.

Thanks for your answer.