QC: Meetings

An evolving discussion on logistics and the role meetings should play as the project emerges.

Open forum on timing, frequency, length, scope, ect.

Timing / Day:

At present meetings occur 16:00 UTC Saturdays having been moved 1hr earlier.

London: 5pm
EST: 11am
MDT: 10am
PST: 9am

If they’re moved an hour later Michael can’t make it on account of TWinL timing. Mon-Fri is out given work conflicts but there may be more flexibility on Sundays if that’s a need.

Changes to scope and length:

Anyone who’s witnessed QC meetings has seen the ferocity of the individuals involved, everyone’s chomping at the bit to forge ahead. We’ve had great opportunities for everyone to feel each other out, establish a lot of ground work and brought good ideas to the fore.

I’d like to forward the expertise and thoughts of @goldfish92 on focusing that energy on initial stages.

Collaboration will be expanded into Deck on the devops NextCloud per @goldfish92’s recommendation and threads will be opened for discussion accordingly.


As this offloads collaboration/discussion onto NextCloud and DLN Forums i’d like to hear thoughts on having meetings become up to a 30 minute session just to touch base, review the week’s accomplishments, make sure everyone’s onboard and sharpen focus for the coming week.

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