Podcast with Neil McGovern from Gnome

Just listened to a great podcast with Neil McGovern from Gnome on Floss Weekly. He talks about the organization and new things happening. Very interesting and enlightening. A must listen.


The Co-Host on that episode was fantastic!!!


Prediction: @MichaelTunnell will soon drop KDE for GNOME. You heard it here first. :laughing:

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This is highly unlikely but I guess you never know. :smiley:

I know how you feel. From a technical standpoint there are some compelling reasons to use something other than GNOME, but I’m really liking my workflow in Pop! right now, so I’d wind up trying to make another DE function just like GNOME (or at least Pop’s version of it. )

Yea, I am not a fan of GNOME from a technical stance but their workflow is nice in my opinion so I do use GNOME’s Workflow in KDE Plasma. :smiley: