Patreon Unedited Show

here’s a request to fix this annoyance i run into from time to time:

when i want to listen to the unedited version of the show, from the weekly patreon email i get, patreon wants me to sometimes login to see the post/video. if possible: please include a direct link to the youtube video in the email (as part of the post description) so we don’t have to login to patreon. it get’s tedious to open my password manager on android, login to patreon and then be able to see the video.

which brings me to the next point: reliance on youtube. ideally i’d like to listen to it in MP3 (audio only) format. when youtube decides to break/change it’s API, third party apps like NewPipe on android need a few days to update their apps. if it’s not too much work i’d appreciate a MP3 version of the unedited show. bonus points for a RSS feed.

thanks for your consideration and you guys rock :slight_smile:


Prior to the heavy hitters chiming in, welcome to the forum @cinch and thank you for supporting so we can all watch :slight_smile: