Non Gmail Email

What’s everyone using for Email, that isn’t Gmail? Can be paid or free, just curious about the options. I’ve tried some of TutaNota and ProtonMail, but my main one is still on another free, unencrypted email. Mobile client isn’t so important, just curious what everyone is using.

I use a few.

  • self-hosted because I’ve done this way since '97
  • gmail for normies
  • protonMaill for those who know
  • mailinator for burners
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+1 for Mailinator. Use that for eveything that requires an email address that I do not need.

If only email was federated! :laughing: Then one self-hosted email address could, in theory, do it all.

BTW: I have an embarrasing hodge podge similar to you:

  • protonmail
  • tutanota
  • 2 self-hosted email domains (ISPconfig)

PS: Dear Gmail, your overly-sensitive spam classification needs to get real, such that you don’t single-handedly ruin email federation.


My email is hosted via NameCheap, where my website is hosted and where I buy domains. I use RoundCube via cPanel on the server. So web interface works for me. I’ve never found a native email client I liked on Windows, Mac or Linux.

I use mainly protonmail.

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Another happy self-hoster here for the last 8 years.

Six years ago I migrated to a Mailcow instance and haven’t looked back. It has run on the same IP for the entire time so rarely gets blacklisted.

Wouldn’t go back, it just works.

I mostly use Protonmail for my email stuff at this point. They have been quite good at what I need from an email provider without having to go down the self hosting route

Protonmail user here.

I have two - Posteo and Protonmail. Protonmail has a better web client (and has its own mobile client), but Posteo is cheaper. It’s so cheap in fact (1 Euro a month IIRC) that I just keep renewing it even though I do all of my day-to-day with Protonmail.

Is the ProtonMail popularity because it’s E2EE ? But only with other Protonmail users?

I have always wondered why people who need security do not use a gpg solution for email, or something like Mailvelope

I’ve tried to setup my own email server. No succes.
Right now, protonmail professional for my regular communication. Own domain name tied to my e-mail.
Guerillamail for the one off registrations. That or the Bloody Vikings add-on for firefox
I had a gpg solution tied to thunderbird once, but that never took of. The normies i mail never got used to encrypted mail, let alone look at a signature.

Another one with ProtonMail.

Zoho-- hosts my domain email
fastmail-- my primary email
posteo-- secondary
runbox-- another option; cheaper than fastmail, more than posteo

Protonmail emails are also encrypted at rest through the user’s password and they’re the only service I know of that provides an imap/smtp e2e bridge for 3rd-party Email clients.

I’m also a Protonmail user.

I feel the same way about encrypted messaging services. Everyone has their own creative spin on e2e but in every case you’re either supplying your password to them during login and/or using their software to decrypt your messages.

I’ll check out thank you.


Another Protonmail (along with Thunderbird) user here, and quite happy with it.

Proton mail for me. I use gmail too but mostly for the things I don’t want to clog up my Proton mail box.

I do like the look of Poseteo. Especially their dedication to FOSS.

Sounds like Proton is the majority vote ,maybe tied with self-hosting, but that’s a headache I’m not looking for. I see there is an app for it, but not on F-Droid. I could probably download it from them directly or from the Aurora store, but I don’t like their app bundles anything with Google. Is there some other way to access Proton email from mobile app?

I see there is a bridge for Thunderbird, which is nice for desktop and I’ll probably use that.

I’ve signed up for a posteo email address. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone.

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Unfortunately this is a drawback with ProtonMail. Tutanota itself has an app in F-Droid.