New to DLN and Discourse

Hi everyone,
I’m a new member to DLN and Discourse so you probably don’t know me but I’ve been a fan of this network for awhile.

My name is Joseph Dickson and I’m a contributor to the Peppermint OS project as their website admin.

What finally brought me to create an account here was to evaluate the usability of Discourse as a replacement for Simple Machines Forum which is what we’re currently using for our own Community Forums

Glad to meet everyone, also if you have any questions or thoughts about Peppermint OS I’m happy to field those as well.



Welcome to the DLN community Joseph!

I think on some of its episodes or articles @JasonEvangelho praised Peppermint OS. :wink:


Thanks, Yep @JasonEvangelho has written a lot about PeppermintOS. and I’m a big fan of his podcast.

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Do you know if it’s possible to other users as friends on Discourse?

Do you mean to add friends? I am not really sure. I cannot see any such option.

Yes, for instance create a personal friends list so I can view the activity of a subgroup. Kinda like following specific users on Twitter.

You can follow Categories and Tags but there’s no option for following Users that I know of.

Each user has an Activity list so there’s provision for creating a custom feature.

There’s also a plugin here though i’ve no experience with it:

Discourse Follow - plugin - Discourse Meta

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m going to bookmark this for later!

And I’m looking forward to writing more about it when 11 drops.

Welcome to the party Joseph!

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